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Journal Entry 1

Kristyn Kellerhoff

      Three professional writing skills that I need to develop are being aware of my audience, correcting punctuation and showing what is important and what is not. Being aware of your audience is very important when writing. A writer must know what language and tone to use for a particular audience.The audience is the most important result of any writing, and if the audience doesn't get the message you are trying to show, then the point was missed. I wrote a bad paper last year, not because the information was bad, but the tone I used with my audience did not go with who I was writing to. It was very hard for my audience to understand exactly how I was thinking a particular times.

       Correct Punctuation is another area I need to work on with my professional writing. Correct punctuation is very important in the writing process because without that, we would have mixed up sentences. Although the words may be in place, there would be periods and pauses where they shouldn't be. My reason for having incorrect punctuation most of the time is because of semi-colons. Most of my papers have had really good punctuation besides the semi-colons. 

       Lastly, showing what is and is not important in a paper is crucial. Those who are reading your writing, do not need every little detail. It would become so boring to read or much to long. Details about the most important parts are needed. This is probably my worst part about writing. I tend to give too much detail and not just target the main points. Last semester for summer school I wrote a paper about my best friend and his car accident. Rather than explaining in details about the car accident, I mainly explained our friendship. This subject is the main point I need to work on.


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We all write bad papers, so don't take that to heart...

These are the same skills I have to work on myself. Understanding the audience is probably the most important skill that needs to be developed. You were right when talking about the audience is the most important result in writing. If you cant connect with the audience then your writing is pointless because no one will read it. Also the tone is very important like you said. If the writing is very boring tone you will lose the reader after the first couple paragraphs.

I agree completely about the importance of audience. Sometimes, when I'm too engrossed in a topic, I forget entirely who will be reading it.

"The audience is the most important result of any writing, and if the audience doesn't get the message you are trying to show, then the point was missed."--This is brilliantly stated. It's like, what was the point of writing if no one even understood what I said? Great observation. You also brought up an excellent point that many, many people overlook: Tone. Even the slightest alteration in tone can throw off your reader, such as, for example, when sarcasm is accidentally taken literally.

When I write my papers I also have trouble showing what is and is not important. Sometimes I may write more about something less relevant rather than writing about the main point of the paper. I agree that every detail isn't important because it can take away from the paper's message. I can get comfortable with writing about a certain subject and it isn't even the paper's main point. Details about the main point are necessary like you said. Details may add more to a paper and make it look longer. Focusing on the main point or message is something to always remember when writing. I need to develop this skill too because I was in a similar situation before.

I strongly agree that showing what is and what is not is very important when writing a paper. Like you, I also tend to give way to much details when writing a paper. I often find myself giving to many examples when I could just emphasize the important parts.

One of my biggest problems when writing is that I sometimes do not know how to write to a certain audience. I understand what you mean when you say that your audience sometimes doesn't understand what you are trying to say just because the tone you used on the paper was not appropriate. What I do is usually have a friend first read my paper and have her or him let me know if they understand the tone I am writing in, or if I need to change something to make it more audience appropriate.

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