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Journal 3
Journal #3
The purpose of this writing is to review three resumes and to see how I can be influenced or not influenced by these choices.
This resume is the best I have found. This person is becoming a lawyer so their information is completely organized starting with education, flowing to previous work experience then to publications.

This is an example of a bad resume that should not be sent in to any business.

This resume is also a very good one. It is short and sweet and to the point. No cursive typeface or personal information. He starts with his job objective, professional experience and the responsibilities within those jobs then to education.

Top 10 Action Verbs
1. Monitored
2. Developed
3. Administered
4. Analyzed
5. Defined
6. Redesigned
7. Assisted
8. Ensured
9. Achieved
10. Implemented
These resumes have had a good influence on me; I have a better idea what to put and what not to put on my resume. Although I’m still unsure about a job objective. The best thing to do is keep it short and simple, but most importantly keep it professional. Businesses do not want to hear about your personal life and what you like to do on the weekends.

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I agree that writing a job objective can be difficult. you just don't want to write the typical objective of you "wanting to develop yourself as a person and you career". I think that finding something more original that will catch the audiences attention is what we want to achieve when writing an objective, in fact that is the first thing the audience reads and you want to stand out.

like you stated, i think your third resume was a great choice because it was not necessarily long, it was straight to the point and instantly gets the attention of whoever is reading it.

Particularly strong summaries, Kristyn...

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