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Writing Project Plan

Date assigned:

Date due: Tonight

Title: Developing My Writing Skills Plan

Working thesis:

Audience: The primary audiences are my professor who is reading my work, or my bosses in the working world. I have to keep certain tone depending on who is reading my work. The tone of my paper must be appropriate.

Scope of assignment: Depending on my topic, my writing will be a consistent flow of ideas, coming together to create a good thorough paper.

Purpose for writing: My purpose of writing will be to satisfy my teachers expectations for the assignment, earn a good grade and broaden my knowledge for future work.

Goals of the information: My goal in delivering this information is to satisfy a need of someone who wants to know more about what I am writing about.

Methodology: I first start out writing a paper by putting a list of ideas I would like to include in my paper, research within that criteria and put together a good papeer with clear ideas. I will usually have a peer or an teacher review my work and give me any ideas they feel I could use. Depending on the length of the assignment I could possibly go through two or three drafts.

Content outline: I write an outline based on how I want my paper to look and what ideas I want structured in certain ways. I then go about and write a basic draft leaving out any research until I need credibility to back my thoughts up.

Research: I search online, in books and on databases and print all of my resources out. I go through and highlight the most important information in which I will use.

Schedule for this project: I leave a lot of time when I write a paper to go through and make sure my paper is well structured and my research is valid with the points I am trying to make.

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I like how you know that the tone has to be different for different people. This is very important because you don't want to talk to a future employer in the same way that you talk to your friends. This is something that I have to continue to work on.

Researching is very important when writing a paper or writing a report. Without it how would we know what to use. It is very important to have different resources.

This sounds like a solid process, Kristyn...

I like when you talk about how you will listen and take some of the ideas that your peers present to you. It is always good to take imput in order to to make your writing better.

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