Journal 5
Journal 5
The Career Research Project helped me a lot better figure out what I plan on doing with the rest of my life. I have thought a lot about what I have wanted to do and where I have wanted to relocate when I graduate from Walsh. It is a very tough decision thinking about your future because you don’t want to make a mistake, or have to backtrack to the beginning and start all over because you made the wrong choice. Being at college may just seem like another school day but really, it is precise in a way that your taking baby steps to be successful in the future.
The action plan that I am going to take is striving for A’s and B’s in all of my business classes. I know it will not be too hard to do well because I really enjoy my Marketing classes. After I receive my bachelor’s degree in Marketing I plan on staying around Ohio for another two years to receive my MBA here at Walsh. I planned on only getting my BA, but after thinking about what I really wanted to do, I decided to go for the Masters. I hope to become a marketing director for a large corporation especially some sort of health care facility or hospital. To achieve this goal I realized that getting my MBA would be my best bet to success. As for now I am still in school full time and currently looking for an internship, I am working on creating a Kiva for Walsh University to acquire donators to lend money to our campus, also critiquing the business called ABCD Corporation in Canton, my group is figuring out a plan to implement a marketing department in their organization.
I think this career research project was a very good idea. It helped me a lot when figuring out exactly what I want to do and I feel a lot more organized now that I have a set plan for myself. Knowing the job aspects in the place I want to relocate to was an important aspect of my future that I had never considered until now. This was a great project that I hope to be able to refer to in the future.

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Responding to an ad:
1. Mrs. Boyd, patient financial services/accounting
2. First paragraph tells how she found the ad in the paper. She then goes and describes her past experience and what she has to offer for the company. The last paragraph reiterates what she has to offer for the company and how they can reach her. Enclosed is her resume.
3. She achieved by improving information flow within the patient financial services function, improving patient financial services utilization of already available MIS services, and improving cooperation between patient services and admissions, UR, contracting, and medical records functions.
4. Credibility because she says “After fifteen years in patient accounting, I have a thorough understanding of every aspect of this function in a modern hospital/medical center setting” and “If you are seeking a manager who stays abreast of her field, who understands technology, who earns 100% staff support, and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, then please consider what I have to offer”.
5. She addresses the reader 7 times. They do not know their employer.
6. I think this was a very strong letter, enclosed was her resume which told about her previous jobs and education so that doesn’t need to be included in the cover letter.

1. Mr. Arvidson, this person wants to be a librarian.
2. First paragraph describes her accomplishments and where she graduated college, the second paragraph talks about her experience. The last paragraph tells the reader how to reach her if interested.
3. As a student in the MLIS program at San José State, I was hired by the Clark Library to teach library instruction workshops to the freshman English classes during my second semester and was asked to teach them again the following semester after receiving positive feedback from the faculty and library staff.
4. Both credible and Emotional, she states that she has wanted to return to the library where she realized she wanted to be a librarian which is somewhat emotional however she also states that she has past experience in libraries which makes her credible.
5. She addresses the reader 4 or 5 times, they do not know each other.
6. I would not have said “GO BULLDOGS” at the end.

1. Mr. Henry Fouche, this person is a writer and/or publisher.
2. The first sentence is telling the reader she is referred to them. The second and third tell about her experience and what she has to offer within writing. The last talks about how she wants to meet up with this employer.
3. Prior to my current position, I was highly involved in the public relations industry, working for Jones & Jones, where I prepared numerous press releases and media guides, as well as managing several marketing campaigns.
4. Credible, because she states, Prior to my current position, I was highly involved in the public relations industry, working for Jones & Jones, where I prepared numerous press releases and media guides, as well as managing several major direct mail campaigns, and My high degree of motivation has been recognized by my previous employers who have quickly promoted me to positions of greater responsibility.
5. She addresses the reader 3 times; they do not know each other.
6. She states that she will call her next week and schedule a time to meet; I would not have said that.

Summary 2
Summary of Gone in 30 Seconds: How to Review a Resume
In this article by Susan Heathfield, she discusses many tactics on how to review a resume. She first starts out by telling the reader that you must learn about the company or industry you are trying to apply for and what the job entails. She then tells the reader to look into the salary range of the position, because better candidates or employers will not bother with the company if the salary does not fit their needs.
The next process the author explains is the list of traits that the HR department or hiring staff will go through to narrow down qualities for their potential employer. These include: the key characteristics or traits, the most important skills, the most relevant experience, the desired educational level, and the other most important factors that you will consider in candidate selection. After the employer compiles this list they now how have a list of the most important qualities they look for in an employee.
Potential employees who make careless mistakes are less likely to receive an interview especially with grammar or punctuation. These are the steps taken by employers to review a resume.
1. Read the resume, look for perfection.
2. Scan the resume to obtain an overall impression of the applicant.
3. Read the description of what the candidate says they are looking for in their next job.
4. Look for a summary statement of qualifications and experience
5. Review the most recent employers and the applicant’s stated experience, accomplishments, and contributions.
6. Review your selected resumes against your criteria and each other.
7. Telephone screen the seemingly qualified candidates. Schedule interviews with the candidates who pass your initial screen.

Journal 3
Journal #3
The purpose of this writing is to review three resumes and to see how I can be influenced or not influenced by these choices.
This resume is the best I have found. This person is becoming a lawyer so their information is completely organized starting with education, flowing to previous work experience then to publications.

This is an example of a bad resume that should not be sent in to any business.

This resume is also a very good one. It is short and sweet and to the point. No cursive typeface or personal information. He starts with his job objective, professional experience and the responsibilities within those jobs then to education.

Top 10 Action Verbs
1. Monitored
2. Developed
3. Administered
4. Analyzed
5. Defined
6. Redesigned
7. Assisted
8. Ensured
9. Achieved
10. Implemented
These resumes have had a good influence on me; I have a better idea what to put and what not to put on my resume. Although I’m still unsure about a job objective. The best thing to do is keep it short and simple, but most importantly keep it professional. Businesses do not want to hear about your personal life and what you like to do on the weekends.

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Writing Project Plan

Date assigned:

Date due: Tonight

Title: Developing My Writing Skills Plan

Working thesis:

Audience: The primary audiences are my professor who is reading my work, or my bosses in the working world. I have to keep certain tone depending on who is reading my work. The tone of my paper must be appropriate.

Scope of assignment: Depending on my topic, my writing will be a consistent flow of ideas, coming together to create a good thorough paper.

Purpose for writing: My purpose of writing will be to satisfy my teachers expectations for the assignment, earn a good grade and broaden my knowledge for future work.

Goals of the information: My goal in delivering this information is to satisfy a need of someone who wants to know more about what I am writing about.

Methodology: I first start out writing a paper by putting a list of ideas I would like to include in my paper, research within that criteria and put together a good papeer with clear ideas. I will usually have a peer or an teacher review my work and give me any ideas they feel I could use. Depending on the length of the assignment I could possibly go through two or three drafts.

Content outline: I write an outline based on how I want my paper to look and what ideas I want structured in certain ways. I then go about and write a basic draft leaving out any research until I need credibility to back my thoughts up.

Research: I search online, in books and on databases and print all of my resources out. I go through and highlight the most important information in which I will use.

Schedule for this project: I leave a lot of time when I write a paper to go through and make sure my paper is well structured and my research is valid with the points I am trying to make.

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In the article, “What Color is Your Parachute” , Richard Nelson Bolles tells the reader that no matter what job you are in, even if it your dream job, any workplace can change instantly and can become miserable. Despite the challenges in everyday life jobs always bring challenges with them too and you need to be able to tackle new challenges every day.  Bolles goes on and talks about career change and how sometimes it is necessary to go back to school. It is very important to do your homework and find out what your favorite and strongest skills are. He states, “You have got to know what it is you want, or else someone is going to sell you a bill of goods somewhere along the line that can do irreparable damage to your self-esteem, your sense of worth, and your stewardship of the talents that God gave you”.

Journal Entry 1

Kristyn Kellerhoff

      Three professional writing skills that I need to develop are being aware of my audience, correcting punctuation and showing what is important and what is not. Being aware of your audience is very important when writing. A writer must know what language and tone to use for a particular audience.The audience is the most important result of any writing, and if the audience doesn't get the message you are trying to show, then the point was missed. I wrote a bad paper last year, not because the information was bad, but the tone I used with my audience did not go with who I was writing to. It was very hard for my audience to understand exactly how I was thinking a particular times.

       Correct Punctuation is another area I need to work on with my professional writing. Correct punctuation is very important in the writing process because without that, we would have mixed up sentences. Although the words may be in place, there would be periods and pauses where they shouldn't be. My reason for having incorrect punctuation most of the time is because of semi-colons. Most of my papers have had really good punctuation besides the semi-colons. 

       Lastly, showing what is and is not important in a paper is crucial. Those who are reading your writing, do not need every little detail. It would become so boring to read or much to long. Details about the most important parts are needed. This is probably my worst part about writing. I tend to give too much detail and not just target the main points. Last semester for summer school I wrote a paper about my best friend and his car accident. Rather than explaining in details about the car accident, I mainly explained our friendship. This subject is the main point I need to work on.



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